oh % i . Cover photo by Julie Scherr

Edited by Biliot Frantz


(503) is slowly awakening, before the sun has even risen.

Bradon Davis “Tlluminated Amenity”

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Unbeknownst to each other, two lenses converge on Provi- dence Park—their shutters echoing in unison.


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Providence Park


Left: Emily Stratman.

John Romkey Arbor Lodge


A symphony of

"| color against grey skies. Spring here a is better than Re. anywhere else.

Chris Bloom,

McMenamins Edgefield Garden, Troutdale

“Poppin’ Poppy!”

any Kasay

“Still Life with Japanese Maple

Below: John Romkey

Looking picture-perfect, mugging

for the camera!


Tim Fraser “Heading to Chart House on Terwilliger for my wife’s birthday dinner on 503 Day.”

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s I doing at 5:03PM?”


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John Romkey

“What w: Mel Ortiz, at home “503 PDX Love”

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Kristin Lieber, Troutdale “We were finishing up a late lunch at Sugarpine Drive-In in Troutdale,

celebrating my boyfriend’s 503 birthday after a hike in the Gorge and a free soak at Everett House.”

Above: Tim M., Toki

“A sister’s visit


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Brandon Davis

One of the reasons for the beauty here comes from frequent rains. For some that means going out, for others it means bundling up.

Tessa Komine

Anjelica Padilla “Looking at my back patio.

Looking forward to cleaning

Seth, North of Wilshire Park “in Portland fashion, the rain started

just as I stepped out the door to capture some neighborhood beauty. instead I found in my front yard the first few drops balanced on a new leaf, fresh and vibrant and promising of things to come”

Kushal, Tanner Springs Park

Regan Hutson, Sellwood Bide

“Sitting in traffic and rain.”

Elliot Frantz, Forest Park “The Witch’s House”

Stop. you're: peautiful. Carry Of

Jojo Carlman

Andy, Roseland Theater in Portland

“Photos taken at 10:03 PM PDT on May 2nd, aka 5:03AM UTC on 5/3”


Photos taken beyond the initial guidelines that are either

too sweet or too pedantic not to be included.


Rebecca Lemmo, Aveda Institute, Portland “Pm a hair design instructor at Aveda Institute Portland. I’m submitting a

photo from 5:03 PM on May 1, of the students working on clients.”

Brenda Fling, Portland “503 Raindrops” This community-driven photography zine was made possi- ble by the enthusiasm and creativity of residents across the 503 area code. Thank you to everyone who picked up their camera on May 3rd and captured a slice of life at 5:03 AM or PM.

Your candid shots, artistic eyes, and willingness to freeze these fleeting moments have resulted in a vibrant, diverse collection.