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The Devil's Disciple by George Bernard Shaw

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Set during the American Revolution. Richard Dudgeon, put off by the dour religious ferocity of his mother and many of his neighbors, declares himself to be the devil's disciple, befriends the town's disreputable characters, repulses minister Anthony Anderson's dutiful attempts to save his soul, and takes a certain grim satisfaction in the shocked disapproval of his neighbors, including Anderson's young wife Judith. But when the British Army under General Burgoyne approaches, seeking prominent rebels, of whom to make examples, Richard, Anthony, and Judith are faced with a crisis that knocks them all loose from their comfortable roles. Rudeness, repartee, role reversal, irony, heroics, and excessive authorial commentary abound. - Summary by Joanna Michal Hoyt

Read by WendyKatzHiller, Michele Eaton, ToddHW, Mike Manolakes, Jenn Broda, Alan Mapstone, James R. Hedrick, Wayne Cooke, Joanna Micheal Hoyt, Andrew Kennedy, Micheal MacTaggert, and Larry Wilson.Total running time: 02:47:17

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The Devils Disciple George Bernard Shaw